Kayak and paddle
Rock gardening
Sea kayaking off Rottnest Island
Sunset on the beach
Ningaloo, August 2020
Kayak and paddle
Rock gardening
Les in Surf Zone
Sunset on the beach
Ningaloo, August 2020

WA Sea Kayak Fest 2023 Schedule

We have created a 2023 Festival Events schedule to showcase local presenters and choices for on/off-water sessions that we hope will leave you feeling inspired. As the event date approaches, this schedule may have updates made to it as required. You can download a PDF version of the current schedule by clicking on: 2023 Events Schedule (PDF).

Please note that ALL on-water sessions are weather and sea-state dependent and conditions may arise that result in paddles described having to be modified or replaced with an alternative.

At the Fest, a detailed paddling schedule will be finalised day-by-day, according to weather conditions and what the sea leader/event organisers feel is appropriate for overall safety. Sign-up sheets will be put up for the paddling program each evening and the paddles on offer will be described so you can make a choice.

We have tried to offer a range of paddles, so that there is something for everyone, as such, some paddles may require you to be at a sea skills level in order to sign on to them (see FAQ for skill level descriptions).

You can also download the welcome package here (PDF).

Highlights of this year’s 2023 Fest:

  • Welcome – you can download the welcome package here (PDF).
  • Swapmeet
  • Presentation: Maritime History of Albany
  • Exciting range of choices for Sea Kayaking trips, practical sessions and workshops
  • Programmed activities to help develop sea kayaker skill and confidence
  • Leisure time to network and socialize with fun like-minded paddlers
  • Participation in an environmentally and family friendly event
  • Self-led yoga or Qi Gong taster
Beach yoga

Upcoming Events