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Sea Awards Pathway

Paddling through surf
Paddling through surf

Sea kayakers are inspired by adventure yet seek to responsibly manage the balance between paddling excitement and safety. The pathway helps instructors and members develop a common language to discuss the learning of skills.

Linking Awards with Levels of Paddles

The program encourages members to voluntarily gain awards so that they can feel confident The program encourages members to voluntarily gain awards so that they can feel confident and have the necessary skill to paddle at three SKCWA levels. These levels are: All Paddlers (AP), Introduction to Sea Skills (ISSA) and Sea Skills (SSA). While paddlers attempt to accurately self-assess their ability the leader organising the event is the final arbiter of who can participate in a trip. Members should seek an experienced paddler such as a SSA holder to support them if they want to participate in an event above their current award.

Structured workshops

The club publishes a workshop schedule at the beginning of each year. These workshops are usually half-day events held at different times of the year so that skills can be developed in different locations and conditions. The club workshops are aimed at the Introduction to Sea Skill Award (ISSA) level. Sea Skill Award workshops are targeted to those who have achieved the ISSA and above who are excited about more skill development.

Sharing and informal workshops

Within the club resides a substantial amount of goodwill to incidentally share expertise. For instance, efficient paddling, rescues, downwind strategies, rolling, environment specific advice, and expedition know-how. Four avenues of sharing such expertise are Skill and Scenario Saturdays, Rolling Sundays, peer paddles and club organised events. Some of these avenues occur on an ad hoc basis and will be advertised by email.


Members contact the Training Convenor to discuss their preference of Sea Instructor. Usually, members are assessed by one instructor. However, if the original instructor is unavailable for an extended time, then an alternative can be sought with the knowledge of the original instructor.

The club uses continuous assessment which occurs in workshops and on paddling events.

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