Kayak and paddle
Rock gardening
Sea kayaking off Rottnest Island
Sunset on the beach
Ningaloo, August 2020
Kayak and paddle
Rock gardening
Les in Surf Zone
Sunset on the beach
Ningaloo, August 2020


Our Club organises a range of leisurely river, coastal waters, or more adventurous paddling events to suit all skill levels, as well as social gatherings. Events can range from a couple of hours, weekends and up to five-day wilderness adventures.

No prior knowledge is assumed, and the club has an ongoing skills development program to assist both new and existing members to improve their skills in a supportive environment.

You don’t need to be able to roll your sea kayak, but we can teach you if you wish.

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Email: info@seakayakwa.asn.au
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SKCWA scheme ID is C10550220

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