Getting ready for a paddle
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Getting ready for a paddle

Trip planning

Trip planning files, templates and maps

Leader’s Disclaimer and sign-in sheet (PDF File, 90 KB)

Hillarys to Ocean Reef Return (Map)

Leader’s Notes (PDF file, 393 KB)

Leader’s Float Plan (PDF file, 61 KB)

Trip Plan Example: Details (Word DOC file, 142 KB), and Route (Word DOC file, 213 KB)

Local Trip List (Excel file, 48 KB)

Sat Phone Guidelines (PDF file, 50 KB)

Paddle with snorkelling risk assessment (Word doc,  32KB)

Library List (books, DVDs and charts)

Position indicating and signaling equipment – Sandy Robson attended the 2012 NSW Rock and Roll Sea Kayak Symposium which included a search and rescue workshop. As a result she has written a review of current position-indicating and signalling equipment which all sea kayakers would find very informative. Click here to read it.

Rough water paddling notes.

Multiday Annual Trips

SKCWA Trips Participative Organisation v2 (A proposal for delegating roles)

Upcoming Events