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Rolling practice

Skills Progression

Paddling out

As a new joining member, you are expected to attend one of our monthly club induction sessions of 3 hours duration. At the induction you will be taught skills to meet the meet the requirements of Paddle Australia’s Basic Skills Award. Once you have successfully completed the  induction you will be able to attend padding events.

The club runs a continuous training program, based around the clubs method of delivery, the  Sea Awards pathway. The program encourages members to voluntarily gain awards so that they can feel confident and have the necessary skill to paddle at three SKCWA levels. These levels are: All Paddlers (AP), Introduction to Sea Skills (ISSA) and Sea Skills (SSA).

The Paddle Australia Award system as it applies to the SKCWA and the progression of skills is listed below.

Club Induction(Basic Skills)

Introduction to Sea Skills Award  (ISSA)

Sea Skills Award  (SSA)

Enclosed Sea Instructor

Sea Instructor

Upcoming Events