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Becoming a member

Who can join?

Anyone who is 18 years old or over, who can swim 25 metres and has a sea kayak can enrol in our induction half-day.

Induction half-day.

All new members attend a half-day induction where you are shown how to paddle your kayak safely and well. The induction is scheduled on the first Saturday of every month. It is essential to book by contacting

You get access to the course included in your SKCWA membership. Commercially this course is usually over $200.

How to join the Sea Kayak Club WA.

Complete a membership registration on the Paddle Australia portal by following the steps below.

Please follow the instructions below, or view the detailed guide at this link

Important: Please do not select a direct membership with Paddle Australia as your membership with Sea Kayak Club WA already includes membership with Paddle Aust/Paddle WA.

1.  Go to

2.  Select “sign up” at bottom of screen

3.  Complete all mandatory fields & click “sign up”

4.  Read & agree to terms and conditions (accept & continue)

5.  Click top button “new & existing club members” (dark blue button)

6.  Locate Sea Kayak Club WA on club finder map and click “select club”

7.  Select the appropriate membership tile

8.  Complete all required fields & click “finish” then “yes, proceed to cart”

9.  Click “pay with card”, enter details and click “pay”

What to bring to any on-water activity

Your sea kayak needs to have the following features as sea kayaking is potentially a high-risk activity which could expose you to hazards and risks.

  • Be seaworthy and reasonably stable.
  • Have a length of 4.5 metres or over.
  • Have a spray deck fitted to the cockpit rim.
  • Have perimeter deck lines on both sides for the full length of the kayak. Grab handles are at the front and back of the sea kayak.
  • Deck-line cord must be a minimum diameter of 5mm.
  • Watertight compartments or some form of buoyancy sufficient to keep the boat afloat.
  • Cockpit design to allow for unrestricted wet exit in case of a capsize.
  • Foot pegs and rudder pedals must be of a type that will not allow the feet to be trapped when exiting the kayak.

The following watercraft are not used on Club activities.

  • ‘Sit-on-tops’ for example surf skis and Stand-Up Paddleboards.
  • Open canoes.
  • Inflatable kayaks.
  • Hybrid canoes or kayaks used for multi-sport events or flat-water racing.

You also need a Level 50S PFD (personal flotation device / life jacket) when on the water – Department of Transport requirement.

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