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Equipment & Risks

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Participation on club trips will provide you with the opportunity to assess and discuss the equipment used by other paddlers who may, at their discretion, let you try their gear so that you can make informed decisions regarding your own purchases.

To join a club paddle in sheltered waters you will need the following basic equipment.
• Seaworthy sit in sea kayak, complete with watertight bulkheads, hatch covers and a spray deck.
• A suitable paddle which must be secured to the kayak with a paddle leash.
• A bailer or sponge.
• An approved Personal Flotation Device ( PFD ).
• At least 2 litres of water, snack food and (perhaps) a hot drink. A social morning tea on the beach is the norm, mid paddle.
• Paddling attire to suit the prevailing weather conditions plus a change of warm dry clothes in a waterproof bag.

Sea kayaking takes time and perseverance to master. The road can be both exciting and rewarding. Western Australia is an excellent place in which to enjoy sea kayaking activities because of the variety offered by our coast line, islands and inland waterways and the sort of weather conditions that allow us to paddle year round. We look forward to helping you get started on your sea kayaking experience. If we can help you by providing additional information on our club or sea kayaking in general please do no hesitate to contact us.

Kayak buying guide – the best way to determine which kayak is best for you is to come and meet members. Opportunities exist at Hillary’s’ or come on down before a trip leaves the beach to see the extent of our sea kayaks. Go to ‘Contact us’ to find out more.

Risk warning

Sea kayaking is a high risk recreational activity which can expose participants to known, unknown or unanticipated hazards and risks that could result in serious physical or emotional injury or, in extreme cases, death. It could also result in damage to a participant’s own property or the property of others. Such risks cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of this adventure activity, taking place as it does on open waters subject to the vagaries and forces of nature. Sea Kayak Club WA Inc. promotes and coordinates a variety of sea kayaking activities with emphasis on safety and minimization of the hazards and risks involved. The club enables like minded individuals to take part in these activities in a supportive group environment, to share their accumulated skills and experience and provide support and assistance to new paddlers all within guidelines laid out in the club’s operating policies and procedures . The club and it’s members and officers do this on a voluntary basis however and those taking part in club activities or acting according to club policies and procedures or on the advice of a club member or officer do so at their own risk.